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PrahaProbably his most versatile cd!

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Tribute to Stan Kenton

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Tracks: 14
68'59" minutes
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Price: € 15.00
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The international press about this record:

This was not a replica of the Kenton orchestra, neither in arrangement nor line-up. For Glorieux has surprisingly, dispensed with a saxophone section and substituted five French horns, a bold move that gives even greater emphasis and tone colour to the evocative music Kenton achieved by the fusion of classical and jazz phrasing

The music on this cd is played by 24 musicians, also using 6 timpani, vibraphone, marimba, chimes, tubular bells, etc.

UPDATE (2010): This is the second edition of this cd, released in 2010. It features 3 bonus tracks, including 2 vocal tracks featuring a duo between François Glorieux and Lady Linn and one new piano composition of Glorieux.

The 2 songs were originally performed by June Christy and Stan Kenton and belong to François' favorites.


  1. Artistry in Rhythm Listen
  2. The Peanut Vendor Listen
  3. Yesterdays Listen
  4. Artistry in Trombones Listen
  5. Laura Listen
  6. Jump for Joe Listen
  7. Interlude Listen
  8. Intermission Riff Listen
  9. My funny Valentine Listen
  10. Tribute to Stan Kenton Listen
  11. In Memoriam Stan Kenton Listen
  12. Bonus Tracks:

  13. Willow Weep for me
  14. Midnight Sun
  15. Remembering Stan Kenton

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